Q-Voz is born out of the need to expand the solutions of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to a bigger market with a minimum investment cost. Allowing to take the databases, including those that are already on the internet, to the user that doesn't have access to them by other means than telephone. This way a more efficient use of the investments in this field is achieved.


To provide the best telecommunications solutions and services in the Latin market, trough an agile, dynamic and innovative performance, through our people's effort, always carrying out their responsabilities incompliance with the values of Q-Voz.


To become the leader supplier of IVR services for the target market segments.


Innovation and creativity.
We want innovation and creativity to be indispensable characteristics on our people, since they represent an important foundation for the development and the continuous improvement. In Q-Voz we want to be distinguished for being a creative and innovative company, with excellent results.

Respect, integral development and Staff's excellence.
We impel the respect and people's integral development and that of their families, seeking to enlarge the knowledge, abilities and capacities of all our people, as only this way we will be able to assure their growth in excellence and that of our company. It is for this reason that we consider ourselves a humanist company.

Honesty, integrity and austerity.
We require our collaborators to respect the ethical and moral principles, being consistent between thought, say and do.

How we work:

Q-Voz offers IVR services by means of the outsource concept and also integral "key in hand" solutions, under this outline your organization will offer a better service and will gain an excellent acceptance. Our solution offers a combined development of the application your company requires and we go with you from the planeación to the setting in operation and maintenance of the system.

Advantages of an IVR with Q-Voz:

* Cost by demand.

* Quick implementation.

* The best technology without high investment costs.

* Access to Human Resources expert on IVR operation.

* On time development of your system, working by objectives and solving end user's needs.

* Upgrades and continuous improvements to your system without additional cost.

* Permanent Monitoring for problem detection and correction.

* Availability 24X7.

* Access in a local way in 25 of the most important cities in the country by means of our net of IVR´s; Q-Net.

As you can see, in Q-Voz we profit form the capacity of your phone services and make available to your clients data bases and on-line operations in traditional platforms and the internet. Contact us and know the learning method that we use to teach your phone to speak.