What is an IVR ?

IVR, Interactive Voice, Response is a mature technology that helps thousands of companies around the world answer telephone calls in an automatic way and consult or manipulate databases and to provide the information in voice form. The IVR makes the information on your servers available for the public that requires it.

How does an IVR work?

The IVR responds to tones and/or voice commands, obtains the information from your database and provides it to the user in voice form. Our IVR´s work with voice recognition technology and text to voice conversion.

Advantages of an IVR:

* Better customer service.

* Reduced queues and time to answer.

* Reduced call abandon rate.

* Increased number of taken calls.

* It allows for 24 hours/7 days service.

* Immediate access without waiting period.

* Reduced call service cost.

* Reduced operation costs.

Q-Voz's integral solution provides:

* First level IVR Platform.

* Custom made applications, hosted in our facilities.

* Telecommunications infrastructure, digital lines and redundant connections.

* Application hosted on data centers with redundancy, energy, net acces, and the highest security.

* Monitoring and control center.

* Human resources experienced on IVR´s.

Operation Flow:

1.- The user calls your application.

2.- The call is taken by our platform in our IDC (Internet Data Center).

3.- Our platform obtains the information from your data base through private links or the internet.

4.- The information is coded and converted to voice and delivered via phone to the user.

5.- If it is necessary the call is transferred to a live operator.