Thanks to our National national IVR´s Q-Net, your applications can be consulted in a local way in the following cities:

* Mexico, DF.

* Guadalajara, Jal.


* Monterrey, NL.

* Puebla, Pue.


Our infrastructure avoids the necessity to acquire an expensive 800 number, by getting a local number in each one of the cities achieving this way significant savings on your long distance expenses.



IVR: (Interactive Voice Response), System of interactive voice answers.

PTSN: (Public Switched Telephone Network). Public telephony network.

Speech Recognition: Technology that allows the processing of instructions generated by the user's voice.

Text to Speech: Technology capable of generating natural voice from a text source.

Computer Telephony Integration: Integration of the phone systems with the computer.

IDC: (Internet Data Center). Offers physical facilities and telecommunications infrastructure to host and to manage your critical application servers; with qualified personnel and redundancy guaranteed in all the services.

SMS: (Short Message Service).